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Tropospheric ozone and ozone profiles retrieved from GOME-2

Printer-friendly versionSend to friendTropospheric ozone and ozone profiles retrieved from GOME-2

(a) GOME-2 surface to 450 hPa layer ozone gridded (1.125) monthly mean for September 2008. Pixels have been strictly cloud-cleared such that only pixels with a cloud fraction of <0.2 and cloud top pressure of >700 hPa remain; (b) a priori for GOME-2 retrieval (all pixels); (c) TOMCAT model with satellite sampling, (d) TOMCAT model with GOME-2 averaging kernels also applied; (e) correlation of (a) and (c) with associated bias and standard deviation; (f) correlation of (a) and (d). The vertical and horizontal black lines in panels (e) and (f) indicate the respective standard deviations of those data sampled along the TOMCAT axis, and the numbers of points in log10 units are indicated by the colour bar.